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A path to healthy living
Folic Acid
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     Folic Acid also known as folate and folacin is a form of vitamin B. It facilitates converting fats to good proteins and carbohydrates to glucose. Folic Acid is especially important in effectively producing new cells while maintaining the existing cells in the body. Serves as a coenzyme or helper for chemical reactions involved in your bodies ability to make protein which is required for normal red blood cell production and cellular division, the splitting of two cells into one-an activity that every living cell must be able to do in order to survive.
    Folic Acid is very essential for normal functioning of the nervous system an especially helpful during the growth phase such as infancy or during pregnancy.
    Recommended daily value is 400mg.
400 mcg-yeast, leafy green vegetables, kidney beans, organ meats, yeast, yams
Production of red blood cells, tissue cells. Normal growth. Helps maintain cardiovascular health. Prevention of birth defects.
Vitamin C, B6, B12, Niacin
Anemia, intestinal problems, pale tongue, weakness, headache, weight loss
​Alcohol, oral contraceptives, tobacco, sulfa drugs, Physical & mental stress depletes nutrient
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