The Path To Healthy Living
A path to healthy living
Essential For These Functions:
Best Known Food Sources:
Synergistic Nutrients:
Deficiency Symptons:
Negative Interactions:
550 mg Yeast, eggs, fish, lecithin, wheat germ, organ meats, legumes
Nerve transmission, Mental function, Regulates liver and gallbladder, Cell membrane structure
Vitamin A, B-Complex, Inositol, Folic Acid
Impaired growth problems, liver and kidney functions, elevated cholesterol
Alcohol, caffeine, sugar

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     Choline is a water-soluble nutrient also considered to be a vitamin-like molecule Some nutritionists group choline as a minor B vitamin. Though a partial amount of choline is produced in the liver, we must obtain the rest from other food sources. A healthy functioning body can produce choline, and therefore it is doubtful you will develop a deficiency disease.
    Choline forms a part of a critically important brain chemical(acetylcholine) and is also required for the synthesis of the significant fatty components of the membrane of every cell in the body. As a micronutrient Choline is essential for healthy brain development, nerve function, muscle movement and maintaining a healthy metabolism.
    Recommended FDA daily value is 550mg.
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