Herbal Supplements
   These natural herbs help bring
you close to nature, providing a
full range of simple solutions to
many of life's discomforts and
individual health needs

Aloe Vera (Freeze-Dried)
Black Cohosh (Root)
Cayenne Capsicum (Seeds)
Chamomile (Flowers)
Chickweed (Herb)
Dandelion (Root)
Dong Quai (Root)
Echinacea (Root)
Eyebright (Herb)
Fennel (Seeds)
Fo-Ti (Root)
Ginger (Root)
Goldenseal (Root)
Gotu Kola (Herb)
Hawthorn (Berry)
Juniper (Berry)
Korean Ginseng (Root)
Licorice (Root)
Milk Thistle (Seeds)
Parsley (Leaves, Seeds)
Peppermint (Leaves)
Red Clover (Blossoms)
Sarsaparilla (Root) Smilax
Valerian (Root)
White Willow (Bark)

Health Beverages
   These natural herbs are harvested
 from the world's finest crops, grown
and are cpmpletely free of any additives,
filters and excipients.

Aromatic Spice Herbal Tea
Diet & Weight Control Herbal Tea
Ener-Tea Herbal Tea
Ginkgo Biloba Herbal Tea
Green Tea With Siberian Gingseng
Healthful Heart Herbal Tea
Tranqulity Herbal Tea
Ultra Eye Bright Herbal Tea

Natural Food Supplements
Food Supplements
   These supplements contain the
high powered nutritional factors
needed for building strength and

Bee Pollen
Brazilian Guarana
Brewers Yeast
Cranberry Plus
Deoderized Garlic
Garlic Oil
Garlic & Parsley 
Grape Seed Extract
Oat Bran Fiber
Pine Bark Extract
Raw Glandular
Royal Bee Complex
Rutin (Natural)
Salmon Oil EPA
Sea Kelp
Senna Tabs
Shark Cartilage
Soybean Lecithin Capsules
St. John's Wort

Mens Health
Mens Supplements
   Key male nutrient factors

Creatine Powder
Prost-A-Plex Capsules
Saw Palmetto Complex
Super Male Max
Super Sterol Protein Complex
Triple Ginseng Royale
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Antioxidant Nutrition Kit
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Beautiful Skin-Hair Program
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Joint and Cartilage Kit
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Mental Performance Kit
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Skin Care Beauty Baskets
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       Welcome to Happy Health. This is a wonderful time of year to visit our products line.  Among our valuable line you will find Vitamins, Supplements, Herbs and Herbal Paks, and even adorable and fun Microwavable Teddy Bears.  All of these products make wonderful holiday gifts for adults and children.  

       The Teddy Bears and other Beddie Buddies can be used warm for soothing achy muscles and pains or for staying warm on a cold winter night.

       Our Neck Wraps are perfect for those long hours sitting outside watching the football games or when you've racked just one to many autumn leaves or shoveled too much snow.  There are body and eye pillows, along with Aromatherapy Spray to soothe and relax.  

       Our extensive line of Vitamins and Supplements are perfect for maintaining good health during the winter cold season,  Our weight loss products are fantastic for getting rid of those extra pounds for the holiday season and to make sure that you keep your New Year's Eve resolution.